Google Becomes New Member of Hedera Hashgraph’s Governing Council

Google Becomes New Member of Hedera Hashgraph’s Governing Council

Hedera Hashgraph announced that it has selected Google Cloud Platform as its chosen cloud provider to run their public networks. A Google blogs post endorsed Hedera for the move, thereby revealing that it plays an active role in governance of the project.

Hedera is expected to use Google Cloud to host its Hedera Consensus Service platform and its public testnets. This enables developers from Hedera to benefit from the geographic coverage and infrastructure of Google.

Hedera is a prototype of distributed ledger technology embedded in the business environment. This uses a consensus algorithm based on hashgraphs to allow multiple branches of blocks, as opposed to one single chain. The project is currently delivering 10,000 transactions per second.

It is governed by the Governing Council of Hedera, an entity made up of many well-known companies such as Boeing, IBM, Deutsche Telekom and others. The function of the council is to lead the decision-making process for the network and to ensure its continued reliability.

Google a New Member in Hedera

Since inception, Hedera has been using Google Cloud, and has chosen to run its ledger through the premium product offerings of Google Cloud Platform. Now, with Google supporting Hedera using its publicly available apps, Google has also announced that it has become a member of the Council of Hedera.

Furthermore, Google Cloud will be running a node to the Hedera network as part of its commitment. It will also have access to its ledger data on its public cloud repositories, including block chain information such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Google Cloud Active in Blockchain Space

Google Cloud was actively involved in the blockchain space, as it incorporated Chainlink’s oracle middleware onto its platform in June 2019, enabling its developers to connect with smart contracts from Ethereum. Although this was a strictly technical implementation, it was viewed as a collaboration by some.

For Hedera, like other major companies, Google Cloud is taking a prominent role in governance of the project.

In a related context, Worries of the cryptocurrency community have re-emerged, due to the pattern of hostility that search giant Google continues to follow with respect to the fast-growing bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry.

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