Gitcoin Partners with Ethereum Classic for Bounty Payment

Gitcoin Partners with Ethereum Classic for Bounty Payment

Gitcoin, a crowdfunding platform based on Ethereum, has announced allowing contributor payment in Ethereum Classic (ETC).

In collaboration with Ethereum Classic Labs, bounty seekers can get ETC in return for their work on open-source projects, Ethereum Classic said in a statement.

However, the statement has not clarified whether bounty seekers will be paid in ETC for all ongoing projects, or only for their research on the Ethereum Classic network.

Gitcoin is an Ethereum-based platform on which developers work as freelancers, and receive bounties for their work.

The statement referred to the Gitcoin’s ETC payment option launched at Gitcoin’s DeFi Hackathon project, named ‘Financing the Future’, which started on 16 March and will last until 30 March.

Gitcoin CEO Kevin Owocki said:

“We’re thrilled to bring our suite of tools to the ETC community with native ETC support.”

“This technical interoperability matches the already present cultural interoperability between the projects. This integration is a step forward towards Growing Open Source and creating more economic opportunity for hackers in both communities,” he added.

Under the partnership agreement, Ethereum Classic has several bounties for the Gitcoin Hackathon.

The bounties are as follows: Love of Ethereum Classic “$300”, Create a DIY Hardware Wallet Using Signatory “$500”, and EVM LLVM Implement “$1,500”.

In February, Ethereum Classic has collaborated with Fantom Foundation, acting as protection against the latter’s stablecoin.

Gitcoin to fund coronavirus research

Gitcoin is one of the crypto firms that seek to donate or raise funds for the sake of combating coronavirus.

The platform has pledged nearly $50,000 in grants for the initiatives of fighting the epidemic.

On 14 March, Gitcoin tweeted that it has already $50,000 in its fifth round of grants which are designated for the public health initiatives. However, it targets $100,000 minimum to finance multiple efforts.

The project has invited the public to submit health- related proposals to Gitcoin, stating that applications would be reviewed “case-by-case” alongside partner organizations.

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