Gemini Appoints New Chief Compliance Officer

Gemini Appoints New Chief Compliance Officer

Gemini Europe, a popular crypto exchange, has announced appointing Blair Halliday as a new chief compliance officer.

Halliday will oversee the company’s money laundering reporting and compliance program in Europe, according to a press release published Tuesday.

The move came after the company expanded its operations in Europe.

Halliday had previously worked as Chief Compliance Officer for Circle Company in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where he headed the company’s compliance plan. In addition, he was formerly executive director of financial crime and compliance in the UK.  Halliday also worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland for 14 years in various roles focusing on the tackle of financial crime.

In the past, the approach of co-founder Cameron Winklevoss to compliance has drawn some criticism from the community’s libertarian fringe, as with their 2019 ad campaign “Crypto Needs Rules,” which made a strong bid to remold the image of crypto with an emphasis on strong regulations.

A senior Gemini executive at that time said crypto investors deserve “almost the same security” and measures as those in traditional markets.

Winklevoss began to highlight this goal, saying:

“The concept of thoughtful regulation itself was first developed out of the lessons learned in these [E.U. and U.K.] markets over centuries. Our ethos — to ask permission, not forgiveness — was a first in the crypto industry and both honors and continues to build on Europe and the UK’s tradition of thoughtful regulation.”

Cryptolydian earlier reported that Gemini has finished a second-level security evaluation by auditing giant Deloitte.

Yusuf Hussain, Gemini’s head of risk, said, “The Type 2 is the highest level of security compliance that any organization can demonstrate.”

The company had completed Deloitte’s first-level security evaluation in 2019. This reflects the exchange’s keenness to comply with security measures, especially as it aims to boost its customer confidence.

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