Gavin Andresen Shows Approach to Use ETH Mixers

Gavin Andresen, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, shared his experience with the developers of Tornado; an Ethereum blockchain-based smart contract.

The Bitcoiner appreciated the use of zk-SNARK, which is one of the start-of-the-art technologies in blockchain privacy.

However, he felt disappointed that Tornado users rarely follow the instructions of this mixer’s developers.  

“So you decide to run those 117 ETH through Tornado into a brand-new wallet named “Supersecret” that you create offline in an electromagnetically sealed room on a brand new laptop that has never touched the internet … and you have almost certainly accomplished nothing,” Andresen said. 

The Bitcoiner added that the lack of anonymity is mainly due to the relation between deposited amounts and withdrawn coins. Thus, the recipient can easily get information about the sender’s wallets and funds.

“The right way to use an Ethereum (ETH) mixer is to deposit much more coins into it than you plan to send to the final address,” Andresen said. “Tornado is ‘a fantastic building block that will let some clever developers build a much more private Ethereum wallet’.

The crypto enthusiast advised the usage of Monero and ZCash with ‘protected’ addresses or the shuffle of money via centralized exchanges.

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