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First Abu Dhabi Bank Launches Innovative Digital Payment Platform

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) has announced rolling out an integrated payment platform dubbed as ‘payment as a platform’ for merchants.

According to a press release published today, the platform offers a full range of payment services as part of a unique digital package.

Most importantly, the platform allows customers to use cards, as well as other new payment means such as the local and international digital portfolios and loyalty programs.

Moreover, the platform allows users to launch their special offers such as gift cards or prepaid cards. Merchants can also communicate with the payment platform via an integrated program.

This platform is the first of its kind in terms of type and scope, especially as it allows companies in the UAE to provide merchants with a secure digital payment solution.

In addition, the platform allows merchants and large companies to accept e-payments conveniently through non-traditional payment gateways providing more flexible options.

Merchants urgently need to invest in modern tech

Hana Al-Rostamani, group head of personal banking at FAB, said:

“We mainly focus on providing the best value to all of our customers. With the major developments in the e-payment industry, merchants increasingly need to invest in topnotch technologies. In addition, they need to integrate these technologies into different payment systems to keep pace with the development of the market.”

In addition, she went up to say this platform is a unique solution to meet challenges and facilitate the payment process for all parties.

Earlier, Cryptolydian reported that major banks in the UAE are adopting digital services to compete in the maturing blockchain industry that has growing customer needs.

Moreover, a recent study by Bloomberg Intelligence has highlighted the importance of fostering digital services in order to boost market share and establish resilient.

Rabea Maguid

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