FarmVille Developer Moves into Blockchain Gaming Industry

FarmVille Developer Moves into Blockchain Gaming Industry

Eric Schiermeye, developer of FarmVille game, has decided to move into the blockchain-based gaming industry.

Blockchain Game Partners, whose CEO is Schiermeyer, has declared that it is developing a blockchain-powered app named ‘Gala’.

The app will offer players full ownership of in-game items depicted as non-fungible tokens. The items would be available through various Gala-built games.

There are already 15 developers working on Gala Network.

Schiermeyer said the innovative platform will allow players to fully own the in-game items.

The CEO and Founder of Blockchain Game Partners added:

“Just like networked games and social games, I believe that blockchain games are the next evolution in gaming. Pretty soon, nobody will play a game that is a black hole of time and money, if they have good alternatives that allow the player to gratis spilleautomater retain ownership of their time and money.”

He pointed out that the the blockchain industry would spark a capital shift in which players can catch some of the money that large entertainment companies might otherwise have absorbed:

“Unlike any other experience I’ve ever seen, when you spend money here, you actually get something, something that you can keep, and maybe even give away or give some to somebody else. You can’t do that in traditional free-to-play games right now. And people just accept that […] We believe that by giving the players real value that the entire ecosystem will grow immensely. This is a tectonic shift that’s about to happen.”

Townstar first game to be launched on Gala

It is worth noting that the company is also cooperating with Sandbox Games to develop Townstar — the first to debut on Gala.

Mike McCarthy, the former director of FarmVille 2, is among 10 developers working on Townstar.

It seems that the Blockchain technologies have been adopted in all sectors, including sports. As such, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) earlier announced its plan to utilize a blockchain-based ticketing system.

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