Ethereum’s VR Platform Says Moving to Matic Allow More Scaling

Ethereum’s Somnium Space Says Moving to Matic Allow More Scaling

Somnium Space, Ethereum-based virtual-reality (VR) platform, announced that it has shifted from Loom Network to Matic scalability solution to enhance scaling.

Somnium Space said that it’s hoping the transition will enable it to achieve scalability and provide a superior user experience. The Company explained:

“By implementing Matic’s high-performance Plasma-based sidechains, Somnium aims to solve any future issues around scalability and user experience such as high-throughput, fast confirmation times, and negligible transaction fees.”

Promising & Growing VR Economy

Artur Sychov, Somnium Space CEO, explained that the company believes Matic will allow its VR world to significantly scale the economy internally and grow its community in the coming months. Sychov explained reasons behind company’s decision:

“Due to the fact that Loom has decided to shut down their customer facing solution we were forced to search for a new reliable partner for a second layer scalability. Matic was an obvious choice due to their team expertise and other well-known projects working with Matic already.”

Sychov said the company is “mighty impressed with the team’s support on the business end” and that is what makes Matic better fit for the project than Loom. He has explained that Matic’s tools allow his team to focus on the development of the project.

When asked what makes the network a good fit for the project, a representative from Matic said:

“We don’t want to toot our own horn. But the answer lies in the trust a lot of leading projects are placing in us, for example Decentraland, battle racers, springrole, sandbox and many more.  We aim not only to provide state of the art tech but also keep the developer experience at the center of everything that we do.”

The Sandbox recently announced a partnership with Matic, noting that the network will enable the DApp to perform faster transactions and create a better user experience.

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