Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 to Be Launched in April, Says Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 to Be Launched in April, Says Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum 2.0 developers would go ahead with the multiclient testnets the next month, said Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum 2.0 is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) version of the Ethereum network, and it has recently undergone a revision by Least Authority Company, according to the Block Crypto website.

The audit report of the technology security firm showed that the protocol’s P2P messaging system and block proposer system are liable to security vulnerabilities.

In response to the report, Buterin said the ETH 2.0 team is handling these issues although it might take long-time efforts instead of immediate audits.

Least Authority raised worries about the spam issue in the P2P messaging network, and proposed that a completely BAR-resilient gossip protocol be launched to avoid spam.

The co-founder indicated that the issue was still present in the ETH 1.0 network, and was just mitigated overtime. He hopes to see the same occurring with ETH 2.0.

He went up to say:

“In general, we definitely take network security anti-spam seriously. Eth1 has taken some time to harden its network layer and there are currently a lot of eyes on networking issues so I expect DoS issues to be mitigated over time.”

“Regarding BAR resiliency, I expect that the approach we’ll take will be to assume altruism at the beginning and then build in better incentive properties over time; the eth1 networking is also evolving in this direction,” he added.

The second issue is related to the potential leak of information with the block proposer system of ETH 2.0.

Team taking recommendations seriously

The co-founder said the developers are taking Least Authority’s recommendations seriously through using a Single Secret Leader Election (SSLE) to veil the selection process.

Buterin also said:

“The best way to think about when phase 0 mainnet launch will take place is, first we need a multiclient test net, then we wait for that testnet to run for some time without issues, and if it does then we launch.”

“This is a similar procedure to what we did back in 2015 for eth1,” he added.

Cryptolydian earlier reported ConsenSys, a Blockchain technology company, as stating that phase 0 would be implemented by year-end. It added that the move will be followed by launching the Beacon Chain that is based on the Proof-of-Stake Protocol.

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