Elon Musk: A Love Relationship with Bitcoin?

Once again, the CEO of the prominent electric car maker Tesla and the space exploration group SpaceX Elon Musk pursues his habit of teasing the internet with his cheeky tweets.

Musk jokingly made a suggestive tweet about Bitcoin that has set Twitter heads over heels. The innuendo-filled tweet gained thousands of likes and is still getting more by the minute.

Musk often uses his Twitter to post both teasers and serious news about his projects or views. Perhaps this is why this tweet stirred his followers, but there is good reason to believe the tech-celebrity actually expresses admiration for the coin.

Musk has previously praised bitcoin’s rival Dogecoin and made a reference to the second most valuable cryptocurrency: Ethereum. However, this bitcoin “joke” comes at a time when the crypto community is eying the coin closely after its recent surge. Crypto fans are also hoping that Musk and other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs join the next wave of cryptocurrency adoption.

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