Dry Season Hits Chinese BTC Miners with Government Crackdown

Chinese Bitcoin miners are coming under increasing pressure to cut down their mining activities due to power shortages, according to bitcoin.com.

Shortage of electricity comes with the dry season, which extends from October to April.

The Chinese province of Sichuan is reportedly the largest concentration of Bitcoin miners in the world due to abundance in cheap hydro-power. Sichuan accounts for more than 50% of Bitcoin global hashrate while two thirds of global hashrate is controlled by China as a whole.

Mining activities are only tolerated during the wet season, when power production exceeds local demand. During the dry season however, authorities pressure miners to scale down their activity, making priority for “normal” electricity demand.

China Central Television reported earlier that police in the city of Tangshan has seized 6,890 Bitcoin mining rigs. According to the report, more than 70,000 households, factories, mines, courtyards, merchants, communities and villages were inspected and 1,906 bitcoin miners seized.

This comes as a result of “special operations to combat the crime of power theft” by public security agencies in various places across the country.

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[…] the city of Tangshan has seized 6,890 Bitcoin mining rigs with almost 2,000 miners seized. However, crackdown on mining activities is seen due to the dry season and the decrease in hydropower supply that comes with […]