DLive Launches BitTorrent Staking Feature Granting Users 25% Revenue Everyday

DLive Launches BitTorrent (BTT) Staking Feature Granting Users 25% Revenue Everyday

DLive, a video streaming platform that empowers creators and rewards communities, recently announced the launch of the staking feature of DLive BitTorrent (BTT), which provides users with plenty of benefits.

The video streaming platform announced the new development through its official website, and shared it a few hours ago on its Twitter handle.

BitTorrent (BTT) staking feature is intended to reward those who stake their digital token BTT to support DLive, according to the announcement.

The BTT staking rewards come from 25 per cent of the video streaming platform’s daily donations and subscriptions, DLive.

Going by the report, staking BitTorrent (BTT) is the only feature designed to give back to the community through incentives, as a result of user participation in the video streaming platform’s overall growth.

As per the example cited by DLive, “if there is $10,000 worth of LEMON donated on DLive in one day, $2,500 worth of BTT token will be distributed to BTT Stakeholders in the next day.”

DLive shared this, “We are proud to launch the new DLive BTT Staking feature! This is a unique DLive-only feature designed to give back to the community by offering incentives for participating in the overall growth of the platform!”

Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO and founder (TRX), confirmed the new development through his response to DLive’s shared report on Twitter.

He wrote:

“Now you can receive 25% of everyday Dlive’s revenue by staking BTT! Please try it! One billion BTT have been staking!”

Justin Sun Reveals Upcoming Projects

Justin Sun suggested new upcoming projects in another development that would benefit the Tron ecosystem. Sun listed the three projects in the tweet, and said that he was working with Poloniex exchange to make the projects a reality.

Justin Shared this, “Been working w/ Poloniex team on 3 projects: 1) TRX as a discount token for trading fees, 2) TRX staking receives rewards from trading competition/activities & 3) TRX as a bonus on the referral incentive program. We’re very excited to present these to our community soon!”

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