dexFreight Utilizes RIF’s Blockchain System

dexFreight, a blockchain-based logistics platform, has announced collaborating with RSK Infrastructure Network (RIF) to integrate the latter’s storage solutions.

Under the deal, dexFreight will be able to store and recover freight encrypted documents.

Adrian Giannini, co-founder of dexFreight, said:

“We are proud to integrate with RIF Storage, which provides us with the ability to connect with decentralized networks like IPFS and Swarm to store freight documents in a more secure and less costly way than traditional centralized cloud services.”

He added that RIF’s system will help shippers to receive proportional rewards for participating in the network.

“These incentives are aligned with our web3 philosophy of destroying data silos while allowing the users to retain full control, ownership and privacy or their data,” Giannini said.

Through integrating such solutions, shippers and brokers will make real-time payments with trucking companies.

Lead RIF Strategist Gabriel Kurman said:

“RIF is committed to offering tools to transform the internet into an open, inclusive financial and informational ecosystem. RIF Storage was designed to disrupt one of the web’s most centralized clusters, with RIF Payments and the Lumino network doing the same for finance by supporting blockchain scalability and rapid micro-transacting.”

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