DASH: Mass Adoption to Improve Existing User Base

DASH: Mass Adoption to Improving Existing User Base

Dash has been collaborating with AnkerPay, the leading South African crypto payment service provider, to expand its ecosystem in the Sub-Saharan Africa, the Currency Analytics website reported.

Dash is regarded as the leading cryptocurrency for e-commerce payments, and AnkerPay has a rapidly growing network of ATMs.

AnkerPay has integrated several functions from the Dash Ecosystem technologies into its payment systems. Instasend is one of Dash’s main features that finish all transactions on the network within few seconds. In addition, the recipient can re-spend the funds instantly. Therefore, it requires good user experience when buying products or services.  

Crypto expert Sydney Ifergan tweeted:

“Dash has already proved their use case in terms of paying for purchases and services, what is happening now is an expansion of their capabilities to extended territories across the world.”

The transactions are converted into the local currency, which helps the merchants accept Dash payments without having to worry about fluctuations and conversion problems.

The move is a positive step for South African Dash users since the country has a mix of fiat and digital currencies. Accordingly, they can easily pay for products and services. However, they can purchase Dash directly.

AnkerPay has several apps offering interoperability and enhanced features. Thus, it is easy for merchants, users and companies to integrate cryptocurrencies.

Dash cleared to be relisted on Japan’s crypto exchanges

Yosuke Suda, Dash representative in Japan, has obtained the approval to relist the cryptocurrency on Japan’s crypto exchanges, BTCmanager website reported.

Suda earlier said in a proposal to relist Dash on Japanese crypto platforms that he has been working with the Dash Core Group (DCG) to bring the coin back to local exchanges.

Dash Japan representative also said the team was in touch with the local exchanges and media outlets to relist the altocoin.

Exchanges avoid privacy coins

In 2018, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) ordered the platforms to delist all privacy-centered cryptocurrencies such as Dash (DASH), Zcash (ZEC), and Monero (XMR). The move aimed to combat money laundering and cyberhacking.

Coincheck removed DASH, ZEC and XMR from its platform after losing more than $500 million worth of NEM in a hack two years ago. OKEx, Souh Korea’s crypto exchange, also removed five privacy altcoins including Dash.

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