Dapper Labs Teams Up With UFC to Develop Digital Collectibles

Dapper Labs Teams Up With UFC to Create Digital Collectibles

Dapper Labs, a blockchain firm famous for developing CryptoKitties app, has announced that it joined hands with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Under the agreement, both parties will provide UFC fans with opportunities to buy and maintain UFC-branded digital collectibles on Dapper Labs’ Flow.

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, said:       

“Flow makes it easy for any developer to build blockchain apps, games, and digital assets to power them”.

“Working with the UFC®, we are showing what’s possible when you give an engaged fanbase a real ownership stake in the game they love and the communities they’re a part of,” he added.

UFC is one of the first sports companies to be announced on the ‘Flow’ platform which developers use to create blockchain apps, games and digital assets.

Dapper to launch ‘Flow’ before 2021

Dapper Labs will roll out Flow before 2021, and will start developing UFC collectibles as of this quarter.

Tracey Bleczinski, UFC’s senior vice president, said:

“UFC is thrilled to partner with Dapper Labs to offer a new form of digital collectibles to our global fanbase.”

“UFC prides itself on being innovators in sports technology, and Flow is another way to provide our fans with the best entertainment experience.”

Last year, Warner Music Group, an entertainment conglomerate, has unveiled its plan to launch a token on the new blockchain developed  by the creator of CryptoKitties.

Earlier, Cryptolydian reported that the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) announced its plan to adopt a blockchain-based ticketing system.

The association aims to distribute more than one million match tickets via a blockchain-based mobile app.

The UEFA indicated that the new ticketing system will make entry into the stadium easy and secure.

In addition, the ticketing system aims to prevent any fraud, forgery or duplication of tickets.

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