Cryptocurrency Traders Should Focus on Futures

Cryptocurrency traders should mainly focus on futures markets, especially PrimeBit. Cryptocurrency contracts became more popular among blockchain traders, according to newsbtc website.

If the futures outperform standard markets, this will likely open a gap, which may be a bullish sign for the price to rise. If ETHUSD drops, the gap will widen or a new gap will be opened. This would be a good opportunity to gains.

 Ethereum declines to $141, entering a new wave of volatility. However, technical indicators show that the cryptocurrency may rally in 2020.

Traders with long positions forecast the cryptocurrency to rebound, hitting at least $200 or even $300. However, the $300 level seems to be too optimistic despite this was the level hit in June 2019.

Historic technical data reflect that the positive scenario is possible as there is no a sign preventing Ethereum from moving up again to $400 in the next days.

In 2019, Ethereum has listed almost 4 million accounts and 20 million new addresses.

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