Cryptocurrency Community’s Worries Re-emerge as Google Continues with Hostile Stance

Worries of the cryptocurrency community have re-emerged, due to the pattern of hostility that search giant Google continues to follow with respect to the fast-growing bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry.

Such a hostile attitude began with a ban imposed by the search giant earlier in 2019 on bitcoin and cryptocurrency ads, which knocked down bitcoin prices. The ban, which was removed in September after a three-month block, coincided with a similar ban by Facebook. It was later extended to include Adwords solutions on YouTube and keyword search on Google. Though such a ban was also overturned later on, it affirmed a view that the search giant is willing to take harsh decisions with respect to such a fast-growing industry.

Google also suspended the mobile wallet Metamask, which is owned by Ethereum, from its Google Play Store, a move that as ascribed to applying a financial services policy that bans the ability to mine cryptocurrency on mobile for Play Store apps. The decision was later overturned.

Late in December, Google decided to remove hundreds of bitcoin and cryptocurrency videos from its video-sharing site YouTube, a move that left many who make bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related videos feeling unfairly targeted. YouTube then described the decision as an “error” and that it would reinstate those videos; however, it caused severe damage to the reputation of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry.

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