Crypto Most Profitable Investment in Decade

Cryptocurrencies have topped the list of the most favorable investments in the last 10 years, according to website.

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, took the lead. Since the Bitcoin was offered for trading, its price has skyrocketed 62,500 percent. Therefore, many critics have called it a “Ponzi Scheme”. Despite criticism, many countries started to adopt the blockchain technology.

Bank of America experts named Bitcoin as the best investment of the decade, but they also predicted that it is very unlikely for BTC or any other cryptocurrency to carry this title through the next decade.

Bitcoin moved up when central banks claimed it was useless. However, they call it as the ‘best investment’ currently, there’s probably a good reason behind that claim to avoid it for the time being, especially when having in mind that a broader economic decline is about to hit the markets.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum has surged too. Although the price has plunged from its all-time high hit in January 2018, the Ethereum is still up by 17,900 percent to $132.

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