Mining Giant Bitmain Confirms Issues with Antminer S17 Units after Social Media Complaints

Crypto Mining Giant Bitmain Confirms Issues with Antminer S17 Units after Social Media Complaints

After several complaints aired on social media by customer, crypto mining firm Bitmain has admitted to having problems with some of the Antminer S17 units.

“Antminer is paying close attention to the issues of some products from the 17 series, which has recently been mentioned by the media,” a Bitmain spokesperson said, adding:

“During this process, we have begun to negotiate solutions with customers who have encountered issues from the product. Antminer has always been adhering to the concept of placing customers first. If any customer has any product issues, please contact the official customer service of Antminer at any time.”

A mining entrepreneur, as reported recently, started a Telegram group earlier this month after allegedly receiving a “bad batch” of Antminer S17 + devices, with about 30 percent of the ordered machines crashing or breaking down after just one month of use. The group, which now has more than 160 members, contains various similar complaints.

Samson Mow, chief strategic officer of blockchain infrastructure firm Blockstream, had previously articulated similar concerns. Last month Mow tweeted that Bitmain customers with Antminer S17/T17 units have a failure rate of 20–30 percent.

More Antminer Units to be Shipped Out Soon

With the Bitcoin halving taking place in a week, Bitmain recently sold out its first round of domestic sales of Antminer S19, although the units will not be shipped until May 11 at the earliest. The new product was designed to deliver higher mining output under post-halving conditions.

Cryptolydian reported earlier that, Bitmain has sold out its first round of Antminer S19 sales domestically within 24 hours of accepting orders.

Bitmain tweeted that it opened its first phase of domestic sales for its long-awaited Antminer S19s, before selling out that same day.

Bitmain Starts Shipping Antminer S19s on May, 11th

The first version of the Antminer S19 will have a hashrate of 95 terahashes per second (TH/s) and an energy efficiency of 4.5±5% joules per terahash (J/TH), while the Antminer S19 Pro boasts a hash rate of 110 TH/s and an energy efficiency of 29.5±% 5 J/TH. The second version of both S19s will feature a reduced hashrate by 5 TH/s.

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