Crypto Derivatives Gather Momentum; OKEx on Top

Derivatives trading market became one of the major players in the crypto trading community, with its monthly traded volumes reaching hundreds of billion dollars, according to newsbtc website.

Crypto derivatives are characterized by allowing traders to manage risks while benefiting from the leverage options. Traders can also hedge the risks involved in the process.

The derivatives, which include Futures, Options and Swaps, ensure that the markets make self-correction as regards the price of underlying assets.

Trading of crypto derivatives helps reduce reduction in cryptocurrency volatility, which is one of the main challenges facing individuals and businesses as regards crypto adoption.

Derivatives have recorded strong traded volumes in the recent months, with monthly numbers exceeding $325 billion in November.

The four top derivatives accounted for more than 88% of the total trading volumes, as follows: OKEx (28%), Huobi (27%), BitMEX (23%) and bitFlyer (10%), according to CryptoCompare’s recent data .

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