Crypto Conference Attendees Urged to Check for Coronavirus

Crypto Conference Attendees Urged to Check for Coronavirus

Zhen Yu Yong, co-founder of TorusLabs, said on his twitter account that he had been infected with the coronavirus ‘COVID-2019’.

Zen urged anyone who was in touch with him during the ETHLondon hackathon or the Ethereum Community Conference to get checked.

Ethereum Community Conference excluded from France’s ban

The epidemic outbreak has disrupted several crypto conferences recently weeks, including Paris Blockchain Week 2020 that was postponed until 9 December. France had imposed a ban on large indoor gatherings from the end of February. However, the Ethereum Community Conference was excluded from the ban, as it had less than 5,000 participants.

The virus has also impacted two major crypto conferences in the U.S. so far. ‘Bitcoin 2020’, initially scheduled to take place in San Francisco on 27-28 March, was postponed to the third quarter of 2020. In addition, the Chamber of Digital Commerce has delayed the “DC Blockchain Summit 2020” conference that was scheduled next week. However, the scheduled dates have not yet confirmed.

Bitcoin 2020 has informed participants that their tickets will be valid for the rescheduled event. In addition, it asked the participants to wait until revealing the revised information before asking for a refund.

The aim of Bitcoin 2020 is to gather top crypto speakers and supporters in one place, especially as the Bitcoin halving is approaching fast.

They wanted to discuss the milestones of Blockchain technology, determine whether the current path of the technology would allow it to reach its full potential.

A number of crypto conferences across Asia have also been postponed due to the spread of the epidemic, such as TOKEN2049; a major crypto-event held every year in Hong Kong..

TOKEN2049 was rescheduled from mid-March to 7-8 October 2020.

Despite efforts to control the deadly virus through closure of border crossings with mainland China, Hong Kong was experiencing even greater uncertainty because of local anti-government protests.

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