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Craig Wright Could Face Penalties for False Bitcoin Addresses

Ira Kleiman’s legal representative is seeking penalties against Craig Wright who formerly claimed to be the Bitcoin creator, Crypto News Flash website reported.

The paper was filed on 5 May in accordance with the schedule set by Judge Beth Bloom to start Kleiman’s trial against Wright.

The document asks for a 10-day extension of time to submit the motion for penalties. Kleiman’s legal representative said they are submitting the paper out of precaution.

Reasons for seeking sanctions

The document showed that Kleiman requests sanctions for the following reasons:

“Plaintiffs intend to file a sanctions motion based on Defendant’s conduct in these proceedings. This motion will include, but not be limited to, the Defendant’s provision of a false notice  and  false  list  of  Bitcoin  addresses  in  response  to  this  Court’s  order  allowing  him ‘through and including February 3, 2020, to file a notice with the Court indicating whether or not this mysterious figure has appeared from the shadows and whether the Defendant now has access to the last key slice needed to unlock the encrypted file’.”

In the beginning of the year, the courier’s identity was one of the hottest issues in the crypto industry. The courier was supposed to deliver the keys that would unlock the funds of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the truth fell into the frustrating category of unverified proof that Wright had handed over to the court after it was discovered that the courier was actually Wright’s lawyer.

Wright sought refuge with lawyer

Since Wright seems to be Bitcoin’s creator, he was required to provide the court with evidence of the existence of the funds. However, Wright said the funds in BTC went to the referred trust after inventing the cryptocurrency. Wright was unable to prove his claims. He instead sought shelter in the attorney so as not to file more than 11,000 papers requested by the court.

Cryptolydian earlier reported that John McAfee, one of the most prominent altcoin advocates and famous computer programmer, claimed he knows Bitcoin’s (BTC) anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, McAfee claimed that he is 99 percent sure that he knows Nakamoto.

The sea-bound computer programmer described the general idea that Bitcoin (BTC) was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto as “nonsense”.

He said:

“It was a team of eleven people over a period of five years, that came up, eventually, with [Bitcoin]. How they decided who would write the paper, I don’t know. But anybody who wants to know who it is — I mean, you know who the options are, you’ve got Craig Wright possibly, I’m not going to name everyone else otherwise you’ll figure out who it is, but somebody wrote the whitepaper.”

Last year, McAfee was to reveal Nakamoto’s identity but retracted following a phone call from the anonymous man. He always confirmed that he has no intention of exposing his identity.

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