New Court Ruling Issued in Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Case

A US district judge has issued a ruling that overturning a previous sanction issued last August ordering that Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist, and businessman who has publicly claimed to be the main part of the team that created bitcoin, to give up half of his Bitcoins to the estate of Dave Kleiman.

The long-standing court battle is over an alleged 1.1 million BTC which were mined by Wright and Kleiman in partnership in the early days of Bitcoin, shortly after Wright claims he is its creator.

In the previous ruling, Wright had been judged as having perjured himself by presenting falsified documents and was ordered to hand over 50% of the over 1 million Bitcoins.

Wright has been given an extension to prove his claims as the creator of Bitcoin, as well as the keys to the Bitcoin wealth under dispute.

For their part, representatives of Kleiman’s estate seek the return of the entire amount of disputed Bitcoins – currently worth over $8 billion – claiming that Wright misappropriated them after Kleiman’s death.

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