Charles Hoskinson Suggests What Could Help Contain Coronavirus

Charles Hoskinson Suggests What Could Help Contain Coronavirus

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano (ADA), has recently questioned the reason why more information is not available to explain assumptions that contributed to ongoing closures across the world, caused by coronavirus outbreaks.   

Charles argues that the unavailability of such information casts uncertainty on the argument for locking down the whole world.

The coronavirus is clearly spreading across the world, and its impact is apparent. Economic, social, and other activities have been paused everywhere around the globe. In addition, several companies were shut down.

More than 3.42 million cases of coronavirus have been reported in the world, with 1.09 million recovery and nearly 244,000 deaths.

Charles is now asking about a methodology to support individuals and companies to overcome the current lockdown.

However, he believes that the lockdown and quarantines would contain coronavirus pandemic, despite lack of the data he needs.

Solutions to contain coronavirus

In a periscope video, Charles claimed that a coordinated campaign by the U.S. corporate executives might provide crucial data that would help overcome the crisis.

Charles said:

“If you take Kroger, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Costco, and you add these companies up together, I believe there are about three million employees there, which constitutes about a percentage point of the entire US population.”

 “Now these companies are still operating, and they’re open. And four out of the five of them regularly interact with millions of Americans because people buy their groceries and other essential goods at these places,” Charles added.

“So the question is, why are we not taking a statistically significant subset of the employees of these organizations, especially the ones that involve lots of contact with the public. Millions of Americans, let’s say at least .1%, or something around there, have Covid or are carrying it. Let’s just use that as an argument. That’s tens of thousands of infected people exposing these millions of people every day.”

Charles went on to say:

“Why are we not taking a statistically significant subset of these people on a regular basis – every two weeks, four weeks – and testing them to see if they’ve been infected or are already infected — they have antibodies? Why aren’t we doing that? Isn’t the goal to reopen the country, and we’re trying to understand what’s going to happen when we reopen? No. We’re not doing that.”

“Instead, the media just wants to call apparently anybody who has the audacity to say we should end the quarantine ‘Nazis’,” Charles said.

“These five entities, Costco, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and so forth, having millions of people going to work every day, interacting with millions of people every day, and yet, somehow, we don’t have massive coffins outside of these stores. And somehow we don’t bother to even look at that as a good statistical set to draw from to get an understanding of what ending the lockdown is going to mean.

I’ll also remind all those people that are pro-lockdown that I just read something today – that the United Nations and the World Health Organization said we could see up to 260 million people die of famines as a consequence of Covid, specifically the economic consequences of the global lockdown.”

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