ChainLink is a Fantastic Project, but Don’t Own Any LINK-Winklevoss

Winklevoss Says ChainLink is a Fantastic Project, but Don’t Own Any LINK

Gemini exchange co-founder and CEO Tyler Winklevoss has revealed his interest in the decentralized oracle solution, the cryptographic project Chainlink (LINK).

About three days ago he made his opinion known, via his official Twitter handle. He pointed out in the tweet that he currently doesn’t hold any LINK token.

However, due to his display of many great promises of cryptocurrency, he professed his interest in the digital currency and tagged it as a fantastic project.

Tyler Winklevoss shared this, “I don’t own any Link (… yet), but I think it’s a fantastic project that shows one of crypto’s many great promises.”

Tyler Winklevoss once again, on 15 April 2020, praised the brains behind the crypto-currency project Chainlink (LINK), citing fervor and dedication.

He further mentioned that the dedicated community behind the project reminds him of the early days of the communities of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He added that unlike some other communities in the crypto-currency ecosystem, LINK Marines is dedicated to a project that has real promise and technical merit.

Tyler Winklevoss shared this, “I really appreciate the passion of the LINK Marines. Their fervor and dedication reminds me of the early Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. Unlike many other crypto armies, they are dedicated to a project that has real promise and technical merit.”

Recall that around a week ago the Gemini exchange announced it would list Chainlink (LINK) on its trading platform. It is possible that the game-changer is its recent outstanding performances across the board.

Chainlink Attracts Valuable Partnerships

Chainlink is a decentralized solution to an oracle. The Cryptographic project has sealed valuable partnerships and integrations since the beginning of the year, owing to the solution and reliable services it provides.

This rise in exposure across the industrial world is a major factor that has contributed to the digital token, LINK,’s price growth since the beginning of the year.

According to a report, in the last two years, Chainlink has outperformed almost all cryptocurrencies, which has helped LINK token to currently occupy 11th place in the market.

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