ChainLink Calls off Smart Contract Summit on Coronavirus Outbreak

ChainLink Calls off Smart Contract Summit on Coronavirus Outbreak

ChainLink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network, has postponed its Smart Contract Summit with the aim of protecting the health of community members from the coronavirus epidemic.

The network will unveil the new date and time later on, and will offer refunds on all tickets.

Sydney Ifergan, crypto expert, said on his twitter account: 

“Ethereum and Chainlink have been rumored to impact blockchain technology. Waiting to see the Interoperability of ChainLink Distributed Oracle Network and Ethereum next-gen apps.”

Both Ethereum and Chainlink are going ahead with ambitious expectations for the future. Many developers are keeping a close eye on Ethereum and Chainlink for interoperability.

We can forecast to see the development of decentralized Dapps and Smart Contracts for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is expected that the optimal use of features such as Beacon chains and Sharding would promote a new, decentralized internet Web 3.0.

ChainLink helps connect smart contracts with off-chain data, activities, and payments that are further empowered by Link and its ecosystem.

The data linked to smart contracts through ChainLink includes retail payments and bank deposits, as well as Events and IOT. Therefore, ChainLink has a significant role to play in leading the development of blockchain-based smart contracts.

ChainLink Reduces Data Asymmetry

The ChainLink Official Channel discussed the latest issues and how to continue developing decentralized insurance products. It focused on how smart contracts could gradually reduce the data asymmetry to create trust.

Additionally, Wax io, which is an EOSIO blockchain designed for digital products, aims to use ChainLink to collect data for DeFi. It is focused on using real-world activities for NFTs and others.

Crypto Conferences to go virtual

Cryptolydian earlier reported that Coindesk, organizer of Consensus 2020, has decided to host the conference virtually at no charge after rapid spread of coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ worldwide.

At the virtual event, people can watch the talks and communicate with other participants from home. Through the virtual experience, the participants can explore the crypto space.

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