Cardano: First Tests of Shelley Network Run Successfully

Cardano: First Tests of Shelley Network Run Successfully

Cardano’s (ADA) team of developers has announced that the first tests of Shelley network were completed successfully, the Herald Sheets website reported.

Cardano is undoubtedly one of the most successful crypto projects, given its creativity and mechanism, without getting distracted by the existing environmental issues. WordPress is highly recommended, read more here.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, earlier said the coronavirus epidemic would not postpone the launch of Shelley, and he still maintains his word.

Shelley’s first tests done successfully

Cardano’s team of developers managed to complete the first tests of a decentralized Shelley network successfully through the blocks issued by stake pool operators.

The report reads:

“The success of this test is a significant milestone, validating the ledger and consensus implementations of the team. The team added new annotated decoders in the Shelley ledger for blocks, block headers, and transactions. They also added stake pool relays and made the active slot coefficient a global constant rather than a protocol parameter.”

The first phase is known as “Friends & Family and Pioneers”, and Hoskinson earlier emphasized that the phase will be launched on 11 May.

Meanwhile, the second phase is related to ‘opening up the testnet- publicphase.’ Although the third and final phase before mainnet implementation is for balance test, the one that combines Byron and ITN transaction histories is ready for the Shelley launch.

“Friends and Family” Testnet to be released 11 May

Hoskinson has recently talked about the latest Cardano developments in a video update. He highlighted the significant developments made with the product managers.

Hoskinson also appreciated the community’s regular feedback, indicating that this helped Cardano to move forward. He also said the “Friends and Family Testnet” will be released on 11 May, which will make Shelley openly accessible to a small circle at the beginning:

“We thought it was a really good idea that we trainup a cohort that can basically work in tandem with our with our people. First it’s a sanity to verify that the software does what we think it does and it broadens our QA base. […] We can have basically a big resource surge on beta testing and get people to help us to get some last-minute configurations.”

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