Cardano Creator: Epidemic Will Lead to Tech Development

Cardano Creator: Epidemic Will Lead to Tech Development

Charles Hoskinson, creator of the Cardano cryptocurrency, said the epidemic that spread everywhere in the corner will motivate countries to test transformative technologies to reshape daily life and improve human condition.

According to The Daily Hodl website, Hoskinson said cryptocurrencies and graphene are two such forces.

“Despite the dark days ahead as the world battles Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus, a new age of rapid technological developments awaits humanity. And it will improve conditions, systems and day-to-day life,” Hoskinson said.

“Yesterday, I received a package, and I was very excited to receive this package. It’s a battery but it’s not just any type of battery. It’s actually a graphene battery. Graphene is one of those wonder materials that when I went to university, I got to read about and study and understand.”

He added that graphene is one of several examples of what will happen in the coming 10-20 years. “Whether it be advancements in AI, whether it be advancements in nanotechnology, whether it be advancements in material sciences, we are entering into an age of plenty and wonder.”

Hoskinson said what is happening now does not represent so many problems that would destroy the society. “The reality is, right now, we are in a period of fear and uncertainty, and the fear is far worse than the reality,” he noted.

Cardano is a public blockchain network designed to transfer money digitally, without intermediaries and at low cost.

Crypto firms to develop contingency plans

Cryptolydian reported that the Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) requires state-sanctioned crypto companies to provide detailed preparedness plans for coronavirus, signaling the seriousness of COVID-19 poses to both businesses and public health.

Preparations should include employee protection strategies, increased cyber-risk mitigation, disaster communication plans and procedures to ensure that critical operations “at a minimum” continue to function.

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