Cardano Bears Burden of Scientific Due Diligence, Says Hoskinson

Cardano Bears Burden Of Scientific Due Diligence, Says Charles Hoskinson

The decentralized platform Cardano (ADA) bears the full burden of scientific due diligence in the blockchain industry, the Currency Analytics website reported, citing CEO Charles Hoskinson.

He voiced his outrage at the crypto community’s continued criticism, explaining that the next step will be the launch of Byron Reboot.

Byron Reboot result of 18-month hard work

Hoskinson added that this will not be just an upgrade but the result of great efforts exerted over 18 months.

However, IOHK has always been transparent, referring to the Cardano as a scientific approach:

“Cardano was very honest, when it started. We said that we are a scientific project. And a scientific project means you do science and science is unpredictable and takes time. […] Cardano was never a project that signed up to build yet another cryptocurrency, we have them. […] We would be just one voice among the 3000 speaking. And how do we get ahead? Cardano said it will be a project that will carry the burdens scientific due diligence on the entire industry.”

Byron Reboot is said to be the network’s most important release, especially when you mean the retail side. The Byron Reboot is “100% re-written code, security audited, built with formal methods and it’s a 100% built in-house.”  

“In March the Byron reboot will launch. We hope to get the Shelley testnet up and running in March or April depending on how each sprint works,” Hoskinson said.

“We are very close to getting a band for the release of the Shelley mainnet. That band gives us a two-month time frame for the release of the Shelley mainnet. We will have greater clarity by the end of March as to a two to a four-week window when the Shelley launch will occur,” he added.

On 17 March, Cryptolydian reported that Cardano as stating that its former research partner Z/Yen Group has commenced legal proceedings against it.

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