Byron Reboot Update for Daedalus Wallet V1.0.0 Next Week

Byron Reboot Update for Daedalus Wallet V1.0.0 Expected Next Week

After releasing Daedalus Flight Candidate 4 for version 1.0.0 and hailing it as a great success for Cardano community, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson decided to make a new status update for the Byron reboot, according to Crypto News Flash website.

Hoskinson said Daedalus wallet’s synchronization times are getting closer to the simulation times in the laboratory. Thus, Windows users reported faster times of around one hour compared with more than 8 hours previously.

Due to the improvement in synchronization times, the Daedalus wallet’s final byron upgrade on the mainnet would be moved ahead to next week.

Users can access the release through all operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. The Daedalus mainnet wallet will have all features of Daedalus Flight 4, the CEO said.

He urged all Daedalus wallet users to download the Testnet version before upgrading the mainnet release to be familiar with the latest user interface.

Further, Hoskinson went on to say that the IOHK team has finished the code / libraries for the integration of Byron reboot.

Binance supports Byron reboot update

Binance, the Malta-based crypto exchange, has announced its support for the Byron reboot upgrade. It will begin the integration of the code earlier next week.

“Byron reboot is looking great. It has been an overwhelming success getting 4 Daedalus Flight candidates out in 17 days. So for those who say we delay, we never ship, 4 releases in 17 days – how about that? And next week we can roll-out the last parts across all the mainnet and we are fully in the Byron reboot era, and very soon we are rolling out these Shelley testnets, just like we rolled out the Flight candidates and the Byron reboot.”

Several apps to be released soon

Hoskinson also indicated that other long-awaited apps will be released in the coming weeks:

“We gonna start rolling out a lot of features that we always wanted to have, like for example managing a Ledger device with Daedalus. Always wanted to have that. I got a Ledger and I don’t want to use Yoroi for it, I would like to use Daedalus for it. So we gonna have that.”

Byron Reboot is said to be the network’s most important release, especially when you mean the retail side. The Byron Reboot is “100% re-written code, security audited, built with formal methods and it’s a 100% built in-house.” 

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