BSV Soars 80% in 4 Days, Dominates 68% of Market Cap

The cryptocurrency market returned to the positive territory, with its total capitalization rising to $227 billion.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) leapt 27 percent against the US dollar to $204. Moreover, it hit the highest level since July 2019, surging 80 percent since last Friday as it was trading at $115. In addition, the cryptocurrency ranked 6th with a market cap of almost $3.7 billion.

Source: Trading View

BSV started 2020 with a nasty uptrend from the support level of $95.00. The cryptocurrency gained momentum above its resistance areas of $120.00 and $150.00. It then consolidated above the $150.00 level.

BSV has maintained its uptrend since late 2019, boosted by the views of Australian computer scientist Craig Wright which circulated the web.

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Arthur van Pelt, co-founder of Dragon Industries, said, “Wright appears to confirm that he has received the final part of a private key from the so-called Tulip Trust.” “The key is said to be able to unlock more than one million bitcoins (BTC) that were allegedly mined during the early days of the original cryptocurrency.”

Bitcoin (BTC) has recorded modest gains of 5 percent since yesterday. It started the year with a price of $7,200, and jumped 18 percent since then. BTC’s market capitalization reached $155 billion, dominating 68.1 percent of the total market cap.  

Litecoin advanced 7 percent to $54, while EOS increased 6.39 percent to $3.30. Ethereum and XRP rose 4 percent and 3.27 percent to $150 and $0.218, respectively.

Both Dash and Zcash rose 20 percent each to $78 and $42.50 in a row.

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