BSV Flies as Craig Wright Claims Access to BTC Fortune

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has gained momentum today, opening at $193.99. The cryptocurrency then rose to $447.13 before settling at around $388.

BSV’s performance was boosted by news that Craig Wright, who is claimed to be Nakamoto, told the court that he has received keys to access a crypto fortune worth $8.9 billion dubbed as “Tulip Trust”.

BSV started 2020 with a nasty uptrend from the support level of $95.00. The cryptocurrency gained momentum above its resistance areas of $120.00 and $150.00. It then consolidated above the $150.00 level.

BSV has maintained its uptrend since late 2019, boosted by the views of Australian computer scientist Craig Wright which circulated the web.

Wright had partnered with David Kleiman to mine several Bitcoins, and they ended up with holding 1.1 million Bitcoins.  

After the death of Kleiman in 2013, it was supposed that 50% of the Bitcoin assets would go to inherits, as per law, but this never happened, so Kleiman’s brother has filed a lawsuit against Wright.

However, Wright kept telling the court that he could not access the Bitcoin holdings because of not having the cryptocurrency public addresses.

“The court questions whether it is remotely plausible that the mysterious “bonded courier” is going to arrive, let alone that he will arrive in January 2020 as the defendant now contends. However, given that the Defendant maintains that he should at least be afforded this opportunity, the court will indulge him this much,” the court said in its filing.

“In the event this occurs, and further if the Defendant produces his list of Bitcoin Holdings as ordered by the Magistrate Judge, then this Court will not impose any additional sanctions other than the ones discussed above,” the court added.

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