Brazil to Use Blockchain to Track National Health Data

Brazil and Cryptocurrency
Brazil regulates cryptocurrency

Brazil has become increasingly a supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It recently announced its intentions to implement regulations to better monitor and safeguard digital assets in the country. The country is suffering from both the human and economic difficulties brought on by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Now, Brazil has announced that they would use blockchain technology to track vaccinated persons, reported Cointelegraph.

The Ministry of Justice and Security recently released a YouTube video explaining to the public the important and significant uses of blockchain technology in innovating tracking capabilities. Following that, Brazil now plans to use a blockchain-based system called the National Health Data Network, or RNDS. Hyperledger Fabric blockchain framework is behind the system, which keeps tabs on anyone who has Covid-19 vaccinations.

Following an innoculation, the system receives data indicating who received the vaccination. That information is subsequently uploaded to the blockchain. Coinlist further reported that the system’s goal is to allow for widespread case and vaccine tracking, data efficiency, and clarity. The system will also record treatments and medications used for people.

The Financial Times also reported that JBS, Brazil’s and the world’s largest meatpacker, has announced their plans to incorporate blockchain to trace the tens of thousands of cattle in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Investors and animal rights activists have been urging the company to become more eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint.

A digital ledger will trace all of the company’s livestock and further instruct their direct suppliers within five years to likewise monitor and track their supply chains and be able to account for all livestock from origin.

The new blockchain-based idea received praise from all sectors as an example of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Brazil continues to increase its interactions with the revolutionary blockchain technology.  

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