Brave’s Blockchain Web Browser Users Exceed 4M Per Day

Brave’s Blockchain Web Browser Users Exceed 4M Per Day

Brave, a cryptocurrency-powered internet browser, appears to be gaining in popularity, exceeding four million users a day.

Brendan Eich, Brave’s co-founderand chief executive and former Mozilla CEO, has recently tweeted that Brave has 12.2 million monthly users too. As such, the browser is used daily by about 30 percent of Brave’s monthly users.

Brave also saw a steady rise in the number of its publishers, with almost half a million publishers participating in the Brave Network.

50% of Publishers Operate on YouTube

With 268,600, over half of Brave’s publishers are operating on YouTube — up 560 percent from 40,390 a year ago.

Despite that the program just launched last year, the second largest segment of publishers operates on Twitter at 52,150 followed by website publishers at 45,400 — up 220 percent from 14,100 last March, Twitch publishers at 33,000 — up 760 percent from 3,800 in 12 months, and Reddit publishers at 30,700 in less than a year.

There are 10,550 and 6,660 publishers available on Github and Vimeo, respectively. No Brave publishers currently operate on Soundcloud.

With just 254,327 BAT addresses, however, it would appear that many individual publishers have multiple publisher accounts in operation.

Brave campaigns are currently active in 68 different countries.

Brave’s Users Paid Cryptocurrency for Viewing ADs

Brave is a free browser that boasts in-built blocking of ads and trackers that saw its first public release in January 2016.

Despite the browser’s ad blocker, users can opt into Brave’s ad campaign to earn the company’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) native token, in exchange for ads viewing.

Additionally, users of the browser may also choose to make BAT donations or regular contributions to their favorite content creators who have signed up for the Brave Publisher program.

Last month, Brave filed a complaint with the UK consumer protection office accusing it of failing to enforce regulations that would inhibit Google’s ability to mass-collect data on its citizens.

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