Bitfinex Seeks More Liquidity Via Delisting 87 Crypto Trading Pairs

Bitfinex Seeks More Liquidity Via Delisting 87 Crypto Trading Pairs

Major crypto-currency exchange Bitfinex announced 87 crypto-trading pairs were removed as of March 26 due to low liquidity levels. The measure aims to consolidate and improve liquidity, allowing them to move toward a more streamlined and optimized trading experience, according to the company.

Additional details regarding removal were provided by Bitfinex:

“The decision was taken after monitoring [the pairs] for six weeks and finding a consistent low level of liquidity. We take this type of action to concentrate trading in fewer pairs.”

Crypto Trading Pairs removed

The crypto exchange also said such moves are a standalone operation to concentrate liquidity for tokens that do not have a significant volume of trading in fewer pairs.

As for the pairs related to Bitcoin and Ethereum are Dether (DTH / BTC), (DTH / ETH); DATA (DTA / BTC), (DTA / ETH); Bancor (BNT / BTC), (BNT / ETH); SingularityNET (AGI / BTC), (AGI / ETH); Request (REQ / BTC), (REQ / ETH), amongst others.

Dragonchain (DRN / ETH), Monolith (TKN / ETH), Essentia (ESS / ETH), Hydro Protocol (HOT / ETH), Content Neutrality Network (CNN / ETH), MobileGO (MGO / ETH), Melon (MLN / ETH), Rate3 (RTE / ETH), YOYOW (YYYW / ETH), POA Network (POA / ETH), among others, are among the Ethereum-only pairs.

The list of removed Bitcoin-only pairs is as follows: Cortex (CTX / BTC), Fusion (FSN / BTC), Mithril (MITH / BTC), Aelf (ELF / BTC), Seer (SEE / BTC), Project Pai (PAI / BTC), Cindicator (CND / BTC), Recovery Right Token (RRT / BTC), Auctus (AUC / BTC), FunFair (FUN / BTC), etc.

Gatechain Token (GTX / USDt), ZB Token (ZB / USDt) and Dragon Token (DT / USDt) are the Tether-related tokens to be elisted.

The exchange clarifies that prior to March 26, users can cancel open orders with such pairs. The system will cancel the open trades of the user at that time.

Previous Trading Pairs Delisted

The announcement comes after Bitfinex made a similar move recently.

Bitfinex also announced on other fronts the roll-out of futures trading for Tether’s new gold-backed coin, allowing users to trade Tether Gold (XAU) contracts against Tether. In addition, the exchange listed Fulgur Alpha, a Bahamas-based crypto-hedge fund, on March 16.

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