Bitfinex Announces Launch of its New Social Platform, Bitfinex Pulse

Bitfinex Announces Launch of its New Social Platform, Bitfinex Pulse

Bitfinex, the well-known crypto-currency platform, recently announced the launch of its own social network this week, called Bitfinex Pulse.

According to a statement from the firm, customers can get more involved in the world of crypto-trading as they will be able to collaborate on different concepts and other related market activities.

The crypto platform product aims to give users an edge to the rest of the crypto trading world as they communicate with their exchange fellow countrymen.

However the new social network is not the first of its kind. There are many other crypto-related platforms and companies that have opened up their own similar products. One example is eToro, their platform has profiles of traders, statistics, trading copies and messages.

One representative from Bitfinex, a crypto exchange owned by iFinex, said the following when addressing this and other related products:

“Unlike eToro, which from its very inception was a social investing network (aimed at a mainstream retail market), Bitfinex Pulse is tailored specifically to the needs of the exchange’s users. The emphasis will be on the niche, high-quality content that this more technically proficient audience requires.”

The representative further said that as eToro does, Bitfinex Pulse would not host the copy trading. The company did not clarify the verification process for the social media platform other than the standard information published also in the public statement.

Bitfinex Offers Staking Services, Starts with 3 Tokens

Bitfinex has offered staking services to customers, according to the Block website.

The company will offer 10 percent annual rewards for depositing and holding proof-of-stake tokens on the exchange.

Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex CTO, said:

“We’re committed to engaging our existing users and the wider community with new products and innovations. The Bitfinex Staking Rewards Program provides our users with another avenue to increase their holdings on our platform.”

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1 year ago

Great News! Should Appreciate the effort of bitfinex team!

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