‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Promotes Bitcoin Cash, Slams BTC

Crypto entrepreneur and investor Roger Ver, who was once known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, launched an attack on the number-one cryptocurrency while promoting Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a spin-off of Bitcoin and the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market map.

In a tweet posted yesterday, Ver accused the Bitcoin of resulting in high fees, of being slow, as well as unreliable and reversible. He also claimed that Bitcoin is subject to severe centralization and therefore is controlled by greedy developers.

Moreover, Ver criticized Bitcoin-based layer-two solutions, accusing them of requiring expensive full node, and risking the loss of funds.  He also said L2 solutions for Bitcoin can be operated only by the holders of degrees in computer science.

On the other side, Ver said that Bitcoin Cash is fast, reliable, almost free to use, can be set up in 30 seconds, and could go up 1000x if it catches on.

Ver earlier accused Bitcoin of not being censorship-resistant, saying that one has to convert it to government-controlled fiat money before spending it.  Earlier this year, Ver alleged that Bitcoin Cash, unlike Bitcoin, can be used for day-to-day payments.

In an interview with Forbes, Ver expected Bitcoin Cash to surpass Bitcoin by market capitalization with more adoption of BCH-based commerce.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash ecosystem saw a great level of development during 2019, starting from infrastructure to merchant adoption. BCH chain has undergone two upgrades, which improved its overall functionality. Furthermore, BCH’s popularity seems to be growing in regions such as Venezuela, where it is accepted by more shops and businesses than Bitcoin.

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