Bitcoin Cash House to Start Operations Soon in Ghana

Bitcoin Cash House, which is the brainchild of Roberto Garcia, will launch a new hub late this month in Ghana, which reflects the country’s interest in the crypto industry, website reported, citing user ‘Koush’.

On November 7, Venezuela launched Bitcoin Cash House to teach people more about the benefits of crypto. Many people in the country are interested in ways to send and earn money, away from the whims of a volatile government.

The project is aimed at teaching people about crypto and providing them with the relevant resources in the space. In fact, the project is achieving success in connecting residents with crypto.

Kousha, ambassador at Bitcoin Cash House Ghana, said in his recent article, “First and foremost, the House is intended to provide education and tutorship for merchants and individual users alike. On the base level we offer the same as casaBCH in Venezuela.”

He added that the project will provide educational resources for sending and receiving BCH as well as safe storage of assets.

“Like BCH House Venezuela, the hub in Ghana will help individuals learn “how to find work and get paid in cryptocurrency,” as well as “ways for developers and future developers to get involved with Bitcoin Cash,” Kusha added.

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