Bitcoin Cash Halving On Wednesday, BSV to Follow

Bitcoin Cash Halving On Wednesday, BSV to Follow

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will complete its block reward by halving over the next 24 hours, followed shortly after by Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV).

One of Bitcoin’s most controversial forks, Bitcoin Cash, will be halving its block reward from 12.5 BCH down to 6.25.

Bitcoin Forks follow Original Lead

Bitcoin’s chain split in 2017, the result of community disputes, forming two assets, BTC and BCH. Therefore BCH comes with the same maximum payout of coin supply and mining reward as its parent, BTC.

The BCH network will be paying miners a block reward of 6.25 BCH instead of 12.5 after the halving. Halving the Bitcoin Cash comes about a month before Bitcoin’s deflationary event.

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision is Halving

Another Bitcoin fork will also complete its halving event in a little over two days ‘time. In about two days and nine hours BSV’s block reward will cut in half, down to 6.25 BSV per block.

More than a year later, with Roger Ver and Craig Wright parting ways, BCH forked in the midst of further disputes, resulting in BCH and BSV.

BCH rose from $213 on April 1, to $257 today, while BSV rose from $160 to $188 in the same time frame. BTC meanwhile rose from $6,180 to $7,290.

A separate report from earlier Tuesday showed that roughly BCH 6 million have not moved since BTC’s original 2017 fork of the asset.

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