Biscuit Labs Launches Knight Story Game on TRON Network

Biscuit Labs Launches Knight Story Game on TRON Network

Dapp developer Biscuit Labs has recently announced that Knight Story will launch on TRON network as of 30 March, according to the Coinspeaker website.

Knight Story is currently among the top-performing blockchain-based games.

Jay Lee, CEO of Biscuit, said:

“The keyword of the Knight Story project is, in a word, compatibility. We focused on maximizing the compatibility between blockchain and the pre-existing system, as well as inter-blockchain compatibility.”

In a press release, Biscuit Labs has recently announced its partnership with TRON to update the game and turn it on the TRON network.

Commenting on the partnership, Lee said:

“The Biscuit team is excited to partner with the TRON network, and we hope that all users enjoy a fast and seamless user experience. Biscuit team will continue to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology.”

Players can interact with other users

The blockchain-powered roleplaying game (RPG), in which knights, magicians, and archers seek to fight a group of goblins, has been updated for its launch on the TRON network. The game has been launched on Ethereum last November.

Players can choose from village and dungeon play. They can also use some materials, such as steel, wood, and tiger bone, to make swords, arrows, armor, and bows.

Moreover, the game has an interactive component, where players can develop the village and cooperate with other users.

The game developers have also lowered the entry barriers through eliminating the lengthy sign-up phase, allowing more players to join. The participants who sign up for Knight Story will receive a magic bean, which represents the in-game money.

Tron launches Djed platform

Cryptolydian reported yesterday that Tron founder Justin Sun announced on his Twitter account the release of Djed, a system that he described as “something new” for collateralized loans. The platform was immediately criticized as many view it as a plagiarized version of MakerDAO (MKR).

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