BAE Systems Seeks to Hire Cryptocurrency Exploiters

BAE Systems Seeks to Hire Cryptocurrency Exploiters

BAE Systems, the largest security company in the US, plans to hire cryptocurrency exploiters to support customer base in Washington.

The cryptocurrency exploiters must be certified Bitcoin professionals. “They must have a “substantive understanding” of cryptocurrencies. That will include expertise in elliptic curve algorithms and zero-knowledge proofs, as well as “hands-on experience analyzing Smart Contract vulnerabilities,” the ad reads.

According to a press release published today, Industrial Info Resources (IIR) has offered an industrial intelligence database for integration into BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP).

Commenting on the move, Janis McArthur, product development manager at BAE Systems, said:

“The industrial, critical infrastructure and construction project data from IIR are part of a key initiative to bring current content from many sources into our solutions for national security, disaster response, and personnel safety.”

IIR’s industrial intelligence data will be available in BAE Systems ‘ GXP software, which provide updated geospatial information through an unrivaled capacity. The move aims to discover and disseminate geospatial data.

Ed Lewis, CEO of IIR, said:

“IIR recognizes the increasingly complex challenge of global security and is excited to be collaborating with BAE Systems to develop the next generation of geospatial intelligence technology.”

BAE Systems, which reported revenues of $10.8 billion for 2018, designs and produces e-systems for military and commercial applications.

In addition, the company manufactures products for security and protection. It also offers IT solutions for the development and deployment of systems.

Earlier, the Naval Air Warfare Center awarded a 5-year Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract to SIMBA Chain to setup a secure, blockchain-based messaging and transaction platform, a critical need of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

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