Amidst Crises; Ethereum, EOS and Binance Coin are Best to Consider

Amidst World Crises; Ether, EOS and Binance Coin are Best to Consider

One thing crypto investors are looking for in the midst of the world’s economic crisis is digital assets that can stand the test of time. The current COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on major market prices with panic selloffs causing investors to squeeze into cash exchanges for their crypto holdings.

Over the past weeks, the massive selloff ripped the crypto market off trillions of dollars in losses, leaving most people wondering if things are going to get better for recovering crypto-market prices.

There is no reason to think that market prices will not recover fully, or even this crisis will bring an unfortunate end to the crypto-market. Choosing the right altcoin is vital to your successful journey through the HODLing. Here are three altcoins you might need to consider at this time of crisis, namely Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS), and Binance Coin (BNB).

3 Altcoins to Consider in Time Of Crises

Ethereum remains one of the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and second-best. Although many altcoins fell back in February as Bitcoin rallied, Ethereum was able to scale to a new high in 2020. ETH is currently in high demand and can bring a lot of gains with the next bull run, due to its low supply.

EOS is still a high-potential Altcoin this year. As a promising altcoin it appears to be on any list. It is reported that if large players like Amazon and Uber move into the blockchain, EOS will be their focal point of work.

In addition, most experts have ticked Binance Coin as an unrivaled digital currency. The market for cryptocurrency has seen a significant selloff, which keeps trading platforms very active. Since Binance is one of the top crypto-currency exchanges on the market offering more favorable rates, BNB is set to grow immensely.

Cryptocurrencies are classified as high speculative assets and therefore investors should do more research before investing in any coin.

Nevertheless, with the recent pandemic cases drastically decreasing in Asia, it brings some sort of hope to investors as the continent of Asia owes a large part of the crypto-community.

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