Alexander Vinnik, Accused Bitcoin Launderer Moved to Hospital in Paris

Alexander Vinnik’s lawyer Zoe Konstantopoulou said in a Facebook post that her client, the alleged money launderer and operator of BTC-e exchange, has been handed over to a hospital in France.

Konstantopoulou wrote in a social media post:

“Alexander is at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Paris, as my French colleague informed me, while the Greek authorities are hiding and pretending to know nothing. I couldn’t see him yet and they will try to question him tonight, exhausted and without communication or information! I already sent a request to postpone his hearing for Friday”

It is worth noting that, Vinnik was arrested in July 2017 after being accused of laundering $4 billion in Bitcoin over the course of 6 years while he was head of BTC-e exchange. But Vinnik has claimed innocence of all charges, adding that he was just one of the employees working in for exchange.

Regarding the state of her client, Ms. Konstantopoulou wrote:

“In every way the government is trying to scare him, terrorize him, in a moment of great agony, while his health has worsened […] A man 30 months imprisoned, without charge, on the limits of existence, who fights with his only weapons — his body and life — is also suffering from a psychological war.”

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